la maison De marie clugny

Behind the soundness of the Pambuffetti companies (Scacciadiavoli and Fratelli Pambuffetti), there are four generations of hard work, commitment, vision, and synergistic relationships. These same relations led this family, throughout the decades, to open new markets and to seek new challenges. The most recent challenge takes place in France, in Cramant, at the heart of the Champagne region, one of the most exclusive Grand Cru of the Cote de Blancs.

Business project

The Champagne Marie Clugny represents the latest creature inspired by the company’s philosophy – “always a step forward, always in exploration”.
This new international project both consolidates the Scacciadiavoli brand and strengthens the sparkling wine sector. They were the first producers, twenty years ago, to make a sparkling wine from the Sagrantino red grape.

The Scacciadiavoli team, leaders for the last twenty years in the success of the Sparkling Classic Method, has engaged the measure, style, and substance of Umbria into the very precious product of the Champagne of Cramant.


At the heart of the Cote des Blancs, 9 km from Epernay, the capital of the Champagne region, lies the village of Cramant, the cradle of the most elegant Chardonnay. Together with Avize, it was one of the first villages to become Grand Cru: the vines, present there since the 11th century, are rooted in the famous Campanian chalk, a geological formation dating back to the Cretaceous period, – hence the name «craie» – created eighty million years ago. The sedimentation of fossils and algae has formed a very deep calcareous-chalky rock layer. This layer is precious for the cultivation of vines with its extraordinary water reserve and exceptional thermoregulator, chalk gives the wines of the region their unique characteristics. Moreover, at Cramant the ideal solar radiation determines in champagne an immediate creaminess, which expresses itself even in young vintages: the perfect paradigm of a legendary terroir.


Our champagne is vinified using the traditional whole bunch method, characterized using the classic vertical champenoise press. According to the strict rules prescribed by Comité Champagne, from the first pressing of 4000 kg of whole grapes you can get 20.50 hectoliters of flower must: this is the cuvée that is fermented to produce our wine. In the best vintages, you can proceed with a second pressing, which will produce an additional five hundred liters.
The grapes are pressed by variety and by cru, to preserve traceability.

The first fermentation, in temperature-controlled steel tanks, lasts about 15 days. The wines undergo malolactic fermentation and are not filtered. Reserve wines come from a combination of different vintages and blend into different cuvées.
Their use is also aimed at ensuring stylistic and qualitative continuity to the final product.